Eleven Tools for social or group Teaching
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This Wiki is for teachers or others who wish to find software or websites which can be used for group activities with an educational focus.
Whats in the box:

This wiki contains short introductions with links describing a selection of computer based tools which are useful for social or group teaching. Collaboration is an important social skill, and it is, at times, difficult to include it in your teaching practice. Collaboration can also be an important tool for motivating students, and can provide an opportunity for peer teaching and mentoring to take place. Being part of a group can be an effective educational tool allowing students to assess their progress against their peers and also allowing students to improve their self efficacy by evaluating their performance within the group.

Time and returns.
Ten minutes scanning through these pages will get you an overview of the tool set, and possibly one or two of them that you would like to explore further. You will know where to find links to further information.
An hour will give you time to explore the site, and then download and start playing with one of the tools..
Ten hours on the site should allow you to read all the pages, and download and explore all the tools described.
In order to use the site more effectively, you might want to adopt .Campbell and Lom's
approach at the end of each page. Ask yourself the following questions:
1. How have you spent your time?
2. What do you know?
3. What don’t you know?
4. How can you find out what you don’t know?
5. What are your frustrations? This exercise will help turn your site usage from passive reading to active learning.

With these tools you can add value to group work by using the computer to leverage and modulate student collaboration to produce results your students can be proud of. Collaboration can range from short activities such as using Photosynth to assemble everybody's photographs of a location on a field trip, to year year long effort to build a subject wiki. Not all the tools described here are as clearly collaborative as these two, however I have attempted to describe collaborative educational uses for each of the tools presented here.

Each page, accessible by clicking the links on the left or below, gives a brief introduction describing the tool and a section describing possible educational uses.
There have been two additions to the original list, Trailmeme which allows you to produce a marked trail through the internet, and an In box, where I'm building sections on other tools.
Most of these tools were covered in a course on ICT for social or group learning, given by Smart Solutions, based in Malta, hence the name. I teach maths in the "Second Chance" and "Adult" Education sectors and took part in one of these courses, and this Wiki is an attempt on my part to share this learning with the wider community.

  1. Audacity for Pod casting
  2. Comic Life
  3. Concept Mapping
  4. Monkey Jam (Animation Software)
  5. Photo Story Three
  6. Photosynth
  7. PowerPoint for Special Educational Needs
  8. Prezi for flash based presentations
  9. Wikispaces
  10. Windows Movie Maker
  11. WordPress for blogging
  12. Trailmeme (guided web walks)
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