I have not been able to access the trailmeme site for the past two days, and I think XEROX may have pulled the plug on this project.

On this page, I describe Trailmeme, give you links to videos on using and installing it, and discus potential educational uses for this tool. If you wish to pursue this, it should take you about thirty minutes until you have your first Trailmeme published. If you encounter problems, you can contact me via the forum at the bottom of this page and I will see if I can help.

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TrailMeme is a tool from the XEROX group which allows you to define a path through the web which other users can follow. The path can either be a linear trail or a network of branches, where users explore it by exploring a map of the possible web paths.
As the authors of this web tool describe it "TrailMeme is a way to tell a story with web pages."
Here is the overview: http://trailmeme.com/info/overview
And, as they say on all the best cooking shows, here's one I prepared earlier:
http://trailmeme.com/trails/Tools_for_social_or_group_teaching This covers some of the tools I have described here.
Xerox have a nice introductory video here:Xerox Trailmeme introduction on YouTube
Xerox have also produced this video om using the tool to walk trails. To my surprise, the trail they use as an example, is one linked below which I created on eduMOOC2011. :Video from Xerox on Walking trialmeme trails
Finnaly I have an video showing how to sign up here: How to sign up for Trailmeme

Educational uses:
This could be a great tool for independent but shepherded exploration of a topic. It could provide an introduction to a subject for a class, and could be used as a basis for a homework assignment.
It would be a great format for delivering additional resources for a course topic.
Alternately, you could ask your students to construct a trail to document the best resources they have found while researching a class project.
The possibilities are large, and as this tool is still in its infancy, I think it has a lot of potential. This is one to watch.
as a further example:
I have built a Trail on eduMOOC here,
which is worth getting lost on.
If you have any further questions, you may contact me via this online discussion, set up for this Wiki.
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