Digital Storytelling:
This page contains further reading relating to a number of the tools presented in this Wiki.As such there are no specific learning objectives, and no estimated time to complete this section. As ever, enjoy!

Of the original eleven tools described in this site,the following tools
Audacity for podcasting,
Comic Life
Monkey Jam (Animation Software)
Windows Movie Maker and
Photo Story Three
all relate to different methods for creating digital stories. This is an emergent field and this page is offered as a starting point for exploring this theme further.
DS106 is a recurrent, open online course in the topic which gives a flavor of what this field encompasses.
Link to ds106, Defining digital storytelling
A more traditional approach is followed at the University of Houston site on digital story telling. site lists paid for software under the software tab as well as the software we have recommended elsewhere on this site.

Links particularly worth noting from the Houston site are the link for Royalty free media here,
Getting Started here: and
The seven elements of story telling here:

The following link is to a mind-map of digital story telling which helps structure the main expository themes nice map of the territory.

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