Picture_2.png Time estimates: Getting an account on the website and downloading the software should take less than fifteen minutes. Building a photosynth may take longer, it it will help if you are not too ambitious. The Gelngalough synth linked below took overnight to upload and deploy. It contains over 200 images. If you start small, with say 20 images the whole process could take about half an hour or so.


Photosynth – is a technology that stitches several digital photographs together This may be to form one very high resolution image, or more intriguingly it may be to form a virtual 3D image on an object where one can navigate from image to image using a virtual 3D model of the object. This whole process is carried out automatically within the software, all you input is a series of photographs with at least 50% overlap between them.–I’ve a sample one which shows the Cathedral in Glendalough here Monastic Buildings in Glendalough
There is a Fun TED talk about this software here http://www.ted.com/talks/blaise_aguera_y_arcas_demos_photosynth.html
Because this software is very visual, I have recorded a couple of short video clips showing what it can do, and how to download and install it. these are here:
1) A short video showing it in action:Video demo of Photosynth
2) Signing up for Photosynth, this involves signing up for windows live ID Video showing how to sign up for Photosynth

Educational value
There is more on this on the Photosynth website here:Introduction
This could go into project work, group work or could be used in the context of an eTwinning relationship between two classes in different countries. On a field trip you could ask students to photograph items of interest. When you get back, you could make a series of photosynths from the classes collection of photographs of each object or site. To do this you just put all the photographs, as jpeg's into one directory and let the software do the rest.
Other Uses
It could also be used to provide students with 3 D images of objects such as craft work examples, or details of a construction method such as building a foundation or a dovetail joint.
I have used this program via both a MAC and a PC. you may, however, have to download and install some silverlight components to view the results, and this may present a problem if you don't have administrative control over your computer.

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