What to expect.
On this page I briefly outline what a Wiki is, and provide links to resources which will help you set one up. I also outline some of their educational uses.It could take you an hour to have the first pages of a Wki up and published.

A wiki is a collection of linked web pages each of which can be edited and updated easily due to a relatively uniform page style and a simplified user interface. Editing can be shared among a group of people. Each page records changes in a page history, which allows undesirable edits to be reversed simply. Wikipedia is a prototypical example and there is a good collection of educational Wiki’s here Educational Wiki Examples
On the course which resulted in this resource, we were introduced to setting up a Wiki on Wikispaces. The Link is here: WikiSpaces ,
and a detailed tutorial video is here: There is a shorter walk through video made by me below.

Educational use
Using these in an educational context requires firstly that you assign appropriate roles when setting up the wiki. On the free version you can set it up so that only members can edit pages, and then you could assign memberships to your class or whatever. Your class can then build an educational resource covering the course material. Alternatively they could use it for co-operative and project work. A wiki can be a very satisfactory output of collaborative work as individuals can work on individual pages, but the whole thing comes together to produce a very substantial outoput, which all the contributors can be proud of.
One could also set one up as a repository for class materials, or as a revision resource for your class. I use one to store copies of documents which I use in class which can be accessed from whatever location I happen to be teaching in. Another idea is to use a Wiki as the basis for a joint reading project. This wiki on the Hobbit is an example:
One interesting feature of Wikispaces, is the user creator tool, this allows you to add up to 100 users to a wiki in a single step, and seems ideal for adding a class as users/authors to a group wiki.

Making a Wiki:

Further reading:
Wikispaces is not the only option available, the following page indexes a number of alternatives
Link Free Wiki’sURL:
For articles on using Wiki’s in education you could start here:
Link to educational Wiki’s page

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